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Casa Orrico is a villa in Capri style, with the typical colonnade, the white walls and the small domes that are well integrated in the luxuriant nature of Anacapri. Immersed in a lovely garden, painted by the colors of the Mediterranean flora, it ‘s an oasis of peace, far from the chaos of the center.

Here you can admire one of the most extraordinary views of the island: the terraces of the house, overlooking the sea, are a real window on a paradise of turquoise waters, from where you can also see Ischia and Procida.

Villa Orrico rises on the lovely Cala del Rio and Cala del Lupinaro. It ‘s a wonderful experience to wake up and contemplate the flight of seagulls, caressed by the sea breeze and cheered by the sound of the sea.

From here you can easily reach countless historical sites of which this part of the island is rich: Villa Damecuta, one of the imperial villas that the Emperor Tiberius had built in Capri, the Fortino di Orrico, from which it takes its name, and the other forts reachable through a path that runs along the sea.

Case Cosi - Casa Vacanza e Eventi a Capri - Casa Orrico - Dove Siamo
Case Cosi - Casa Vacanza e Eventi a Capri - Casa Orrico - Dove Siamo

Il Fortino di Orrico is a coastal fort built between the 9th and 15th centuries to defend the island from pirate raids and is positioned at the tip of the Mile, about thirty meters above sea level.

This defense structure was later rebuilt in the Bourbon era, together with the Fortino di Mesola, Pino and del Cannone. From the Fortino di Orrico on 4 October 1808 Gioacchino Murat attacked the island of Capri with the fleet commanded by General Lamarque to wrest it from English rule.

310/5000 Today it is possible to easily reach the Fortini through a path that runs along the sea, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub that connects the Blue Grotto to the Punta Carena Lighthouse. It is a nature trail of rare beauty where you can admire the bays, headlands and unforgettable views of Anacapri.